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Episode 77 - 10/6/2013
Clean X
October 06, 2013 09:33 PM PDT
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New season, new intro, same old awesome dudes talking about basketball.

00:00 - Intro / Media Day
20:06 - Monta Basketball
25:48 - Credential Police / How Will They Defend?
35:20 - Buy, Sell, Hold
49:24 - Two Man Game Changes / NBA Nuggets (Giant Catch-up Box of Nuggets)
1:18:53 - Summer "Vacation" Stories (Bryan's Pickup Etiquette, Rhylan's PSAs)
1:33:50 - Unnamed Segment From Inside Rhylan's Brain (Weiner, Joy of a Dry Fart, Twitter Critic, Coaching Shorts)

Episode 76 - 08/18/2013
Clean X
August 19, 2013 05:59 PM PDT
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Intro - Final Judgement on Plan Powder
11:30 - Cuban on Plan Powder
31:35 - Filling Out the Roster
1:00:40 - Ballin Life in Vegas
1:16:38 - That Dude, Dirk Nowitzki
1:22:02 - Gersson Rosas
1:32:50 - Cuban on Tonight Show, Talking MLB & Bud Selig
1:45:15 - Mavs Introductory Press Conference Highlights
2:02:15 - DFW Sports Radio Changes
2:27:25 - Rhylan Anoints Himself The Twitter Critic

Episode 75 - 7/3/2013
Clean X
July 02, 2013 09:01 PM PDT
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Judgement day is near. But first, a lot of talking and no signatures during the free-agency waiting period. CIrcumstances dictate that this is a make or break summer for the Mavs as it relates to "breaking up" the 2011 squad. We kick it off right with two of our favorite Mavs experts, Mark Followill and Jeff "Skin" Wade joining us.

Intro - Catching Up & Skynet
7:20 - Dwight. Just, Dwight. (w/ Mark Followill)
26:50 - Draft Night & Draft Chaos (w/ Mark Followill)
42:38 - Making a Case for Monta Ellis (w/ Mark Followill)
47:25 - A PG, a C, and Then What? (w/ Mark Followill)
1:09:30 - Bledsoe Gone, Alternatives at Guard (w/ Skin Wade)
1:29:52 - How Long do you Wait for Dwight? (w/ Skin Wade)
1:32:44 - Market for Mayo (w/ Skin Wade)
1:38:55 - Skin Has a Wet Blanket for You (w/ Skin Wade)
1:47:00 - In Summary

Episode 74 - 4/23/2012
Clean X
April 24, 2013 08:01 PM PDT
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Big gulps, eh? Alright! Welp… see ya later! The end of the regular season passes without a Mavericks playoff game for the first time since 2000. Like the owner, we're glad to move on from this season and date other people. But first, we want to cover Rick Carlisle's entertaining post-game OJ Mayo commentary, and the thoughts shared by Mark Cuban following the team's mathematical elimination from the playoff picture. Then, we look forward by pulling out the oldest segment we have - Buy, Sell, Hold - to run through Mavs FAs and possible FA acquisitions. More holes to fill than money to spend. A quick run through the playoffs in NBA Nuggets, and we close with some talk about Lam Lam and VIP floor tickets. Catch us again shortly after the draft in June.

Intro - Banter / Rick on OJ
22:45 - Cuban's Concession Speech
42:10 - Buy, Sell, Hold (Current Mavs)
1:03:25 - Buy, Sell, Hold (Potential FA Signings)
1:28:35 - NBA Nuggets, Playoff Edition
1:24:08 - Yelling at Lam Lam from Pimp Seats / Closing Thoughts

Episode 73 - 3/26/2013
Clean X
March 25, 2013 10:55 PM PDT
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John Hollinger says there's a better than 15% chance the Mavs sneak into the playoffs; we're not so sure, but there's still hope to cling to. TV Voice of the Mavs and favorite guest Mark Followill joins us in the first hour-plus to cover the emergence of Mike James as a starter and Brandan Wright back into the rotation, in addition to some bigger picture topics. We cover some NBA Nuggets and take a detour for some Story Time with Rhylan - stepping through ceilings and witnessing bathroom brawls at the AAC. Enjoy.

Intro - Mike James & Brandan Wright Break Through (w/ Mark Followill)
31:28 - Evaluating OJ Mayo (w/ Mark Followill)
48:15 - Scoreboard Watching & The Hope Game (w/ Mark Followill)
1:05:07 - The Advantage of Hindsight & More Scoreboard Watching (w/ Mark Followill)
1:23:08 - Which Podcast Is This? / Zach Lowe & Dirk's Beard
1:29:20 - NBA Nuggets (LeBron's Dunk on JET, JET in Dallas, Miami & Denver Streaks, Marc Gasol Has Abs, Derek Fisher, BG Lam Lam Op Ed)
1:47:58 - Story Time with Rhylan

Episode 72 - 2/18/2013
Clean X
February 19, 2013 07:58 PM PST
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Back from too long a break just in time for the trade deadline. As usual, we stack the trade deadline show with goodness from a guest - this year, Mavs' TV play-by-play voice Mark Followill jumps on, as we hammer out the world's longest single podcast segment covering all manner of trade deadline discussions and State of the Mavs angles therein.

Intro - MJ Gives Dirk Love
23:50 - Dirk / MJ, and a Ryan Hollins Aside (w/ Mark Followill)
33:36 - Brandon Jennings, and a "Hi" from Phoebe the Greyhound (w/ Mark Followill)
43:50 - Deadline Disposition, Carter & Marion (w/ Mark Followill)
53:30 - Dwight Howard and the Contingency Plan (w/ Mark Followill)
1:00:20 - Evaluating Mayo & Collison (w/ Mark Followill)
1:22:40 - Teams Making Trade Noise, The Shield, and Allsup's (w/ Mark Followill)
1:38:40 - NBA Nuggets (Kyrie Irving, Billy Hunter, KG Staying Put, Fond Memories: 2000 Draft)

Episode 71 - 1/22/2013
Clean X
January 22, 2013 09:03 PM PST
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Watching Mavericks basketball has become a little more fun lately, and so has talking about them. There's a sliver of hope out there - if you're so inclined to reach for it. The usual suspects here in this episode, including the umpteenth point guard segment.

Intro - Catching Up / End-Game PG Situation
22:00 - No Man's Land & A Sliver of Hope
42:45 - The Bank of Cuban
1:09:15 - Nuggets (ASG, D Rose, Pau Benched, Varejao Injury, Sacramento / Seattle, Stern & Europe)
1:30:18 - Looking Ahead

Episode 70 - 1/3/2013
Clean X
January 03, 2013 09:38 PM PST
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You'd think there would be less to talk about when your team is 13-20 and looking at the draft lottery for the first time in 13 years, but this podcast says otherwise. Lots of games to look back at, some bad ones, consideration of moral victories, color from the coach, blowouts and overtimes, Boogie Cousins and a big ol' box of Nuggets. Yep.

Intro - What Arrived from Amazon.com?
7:25 - OKC Game / Collison Over DoJo / Mayo Coaster
20:25 - More Recaps (DEN, SAS, @WAS)
30:10 - MIA Game / Do We Want Moral Victories?
35:30 - State of the Union / Rick Takes Aim / DoJo & PR
59:00 - Blowout Tendencies / Checking Bryan's Predictions & Rhylan's Rant on Serious Sports Media
1:04:03 - Cousins. Would Ya?
1:21:50 - NBA Nuggets (Royce White, Brandon Roy, D-Wade Nut Kick, Avery Fired)
1:43:40 - Looking at Next Week

Episode 69 - 12//26/2012
Clean X
December 27, 2012 10:04 AM PST
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Dirk comes back, Derek Fisher bails, Cash Sirois of the Mavs and The Ticket joins us to talk Dirk Documentary, Rhylan rants about the Spurs (again), the White Boy Bracket comes to a close, and Keith Sweat makes a cameo appearance.

Intro - It's Cold, It's Christmas
11:18 - Dirk Doc Talk w/ Cash Sirois
36:00 - The Week That Was / Fisher Leaving
52:50 - Dirk Return / Starting PG / Ramblings About the Future
1:16:25 - NBA Nuggets (Cousins, Clippers, Christmas Day Games, Conclusion of WBB and The Story of the Original Dirk Bobblehead)
1:40:25 - Looking Ahead

Episode 68 - 12/17/2012
Clean X
December 17, 2012 09:39 PM PST
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Back after skipping a week, the Mavs are in the middle of a very tough stretch of games. We cover the last four games, look at whether or not the Mavs will be close to .500 when Dirk gets back, and tweak our future expectations for Collison and Mayo for the umpteenth time.

Intro - Shenanigans and Game Recaps (SAC, @BOS, @TOR, @MIN)
30:40 - Projecting Collison & Mayo
56:42 - Dirk Update / Quest for .500 / Roddy
1:25:05 - NBA Nuggets (Houston Homer Call, Jeremy Lin Return to MSG, D-Will's Beat Writers, Spurs Halloween, Nash Status, Hollinger, K. Love Contract Beef)

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